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Concise 1-2 page summaries covering various Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) topics and identifying key governance issues for consideration by policymakers.
More lengthy resources summarising key literature relating to CDR and SRM and its governance, comprehensive, independently peer-reviewed and referenced content.

10 May 2023 Review of the Governance of Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) Masahiro Sugiyama, Journal of Japan Society of Energy and Resources Vol. 44 No.3 (2023)

Jan 2023 Nature-based solutions and carbon dioxide removal Joseluis Samaniego, Santiago Lorenzo, Estefani Rondón Toro, Luiz F. Krieger Merico, Juan Herrera Jiménez, Paul Rouse, Nicholas Harrison

26 Dec 2022 Soluciones basadas en la naturaleza y remoción de dióxido de carbono Joseluis Samaniego, Santiago Lorenzo, Estefani Rondón Toro, Luiz F. Krieger Merico, Juan Herrera Jiménez, Paul Rouse, Nicholas Harrison

1 Nov 2022 2022 Review of Climate Ambition in Asia and the Pacific: Raising NDC targets with enhanced nature-based solutions UN ESCAP Report

15 Jul 2021 A risk-risk assessment framework for Solar Radiation Modification Nicholas Harrison, Janos Pasztor, and Kai-Uwe Barani Schmidt, EPFL International Risk Governance Center (IRGC)

6 Jul 2021 Climate-altering approaches thematic page UN ESCAP SDG Helpdesk

6 Jul 2021 Carbon Dioxide Removal E-Learning page UN ESCAP SDG Helpdesk

6 Jul 2021 Solar Radiation Modification E-Learning page UN ESCAP SDG Helpdesk

2 May 2021 Solar Radiation Modification and its implications for the Sustainable Development Goals Nicholas Harrison, UN-IATT report for the STI Forum 2021

26 Jan 2021 Start the Earth System Governance that Integrates “Climate-Altering Technologies” Janos Pasztor, World Scientific

25 Nov 2020 Science for global net-zero: Updates on science and enhancing understanding to accelerate mitigation and adaptation UNFCCC’s twelfth meeting of the research dialogue (2020)

30 Sep 2020 Governance is Essential to Manage the Risks of Solar Radiation Modification Cynthia Scharf, The Wilson Center and Adelphi

Jun 2020 International Governance Issues on Climate Engineering EPFL International Risk Governance Center (IRGC)

Feb 2019 Cool idea or hi-tech madness? The World Today

Dec 2018 Understanding Risk: A Conversation on Geoengineering World Bank

Nov/Dec 2018 It’s Smart Risk Management and a Political Investment Cynthia Scharf, The Environmental Forum

Nov 2018 Governance of the Deployment of Solar Geoengineering Harvard Project on Climate Agreements

22 May 2018 C2G2 Briefing to Committee of Permanent Representatives of United Nations Environment Programme

1 Apr 2018 C2G2 Input to the Talanoa Dialogue

8 Dec 2017 The Need for Governance of Climate Geoengineering Janos Pasztor, Ethics & International Affairs

6 Nov 2017 As U.S. Congress debates geoengineering, cutting emissions must come first Janos Pasztor, Thomson Reuters Foundation

21 Jul 2017 How to govern geoengineering Janos Pasztor, Cynthia Scharf, and Kai-Uwe Schmidt; editorial for Science

6 Jun 2017 Time for a Global Discussion on Climate Geoengineering Janos Pasztor, Brink

25 Apr 2017 Rules for Geoengineering the Planet Janos Pasztor, MIT Technology Review

7 Mar 2017 Towards governance frameworks for climate geoengineering Janos Pasztor, Global Challenges Foundation

30 Sep 2016 Briefing on Climate Engineering Janos Pasztor, Simon Nicholson, and David Morrow; C2G2 & FCEA

C2G contributions to other external resources including reports, media articles and publications.

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