UNFCCC Climate Dialogues
Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA)

Twelfth meeting of the research dialogue

Science for global net-zero: Updates on science and enhancing understanding to accelerate mitigation and adaptation
23-24 November 2020

The UNFCCC’s twelfth meeting of the research dialogue (2020) explored the latest scientific research on achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, and building resilience to the unavoidable impacts and risks of climate change.

To help in this work, C2G contributed to a presentation by the Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP) on “Scientific and societal assessment of potential ocean interventions for climate change mitigation“. C2G also presented a poster titled “Large-scale carbon dioxide removal: Are we ready? How can governance help?“. To view the interactive poster, click here. To listen to the accompanying audio, click here.

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