Emerging Marine Climate Techniques

In response to the risks posed by climate change, some are considering the viability of Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) and large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) techniques. SRM would aim to reflect more solar radiation back into space or allow more heat to escape Earth’s atmosphere, whilst CDR would aim to reduce atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide. With more than two thirds of Earth covered by water, numerous potential CDR/SRM techniques might be considered for deployment in the marine environment in the future.


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C2GLearn Campfire Chat: Governance of Marine Cloud Brightening

C2GLearn Campfire Chat: Governance of Marine Cloud Brightening

C2GLearn Campfire ChatGovernance of Marine Cloud BrighteningThis Campfire Chat aimed to provide diverse points of view on the governance of MCB (presented in the webinar above), in a relatively informal, moderated, semi-structured discussion between experts. Audience...


In the interest of promoting global discussion about the need for governance of Emerging Marine Climate Techniques, C2G developed a set of icons representing these techniques, available to all to use freely.

The icons are available in png and svg file formats.

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