Nature-Based Approaches to large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal is now required in all pathways to keep global warming under 1.5°C. Ecosystems play a critical role in the removal and long-term storage of around half of all CO2 emissions produced by human activities. Enhancing this capacity with the adoption of Nature-Based Approaches could play an important role in delivering the large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal now required.


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Exploring the role of trees in large-scale carbon dioxide removal

Exploring the role of trees in large-scale carbon dioxide removal

Afforestation and reforestation, together with other nature-based approaches to CDR, have been gaining international attraction because of their huge potential to remove carbon from atmosphere but also due to the other prospective environmental and social benefits...

A Message on 2020 World Environment Day – Janos Pasztor

A Message on 2020 World Environment Day – Janos Pasztor

On World Environment Day, let us recognise the essential role Nature can play in tackling the climate crisis, and in bringing us back to a more sustainable kind of living. ____________ En el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, reconozcamos el papel esencial que la...


In the interest of promoting global discussion about the need for governance of Nature-Based Approaches to Carbon Dioxide Removal, C2G developed a set of icons representing these approaches, available to all to use freely.

The icons are available in png and svg file formats.

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