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Listen to your favorite C2GDiscuss conversations as audio podcasts below. New episodes premiere on Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs’ official podcast channel on Mondays. Stay up to date by subscribing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most other places where you get your podcasts. You can watch all of the conversations on the C2GDiscuss page.

An Introduction to the C2GDiscuss Podcast Series, with C2G Executive Director Janos Pasztor

C2GDiscuss: From net zero to net negative: policy implications for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

with Jan Minx, James Mwangi, Shuchi Talati, and Janos Pasztor

C2GDiscuss: Ocean-based climate altering approaches in context: the ocean-climate nexus

with Kristina M. Gjerde, Joyashree Roy, Stefanos Fotiou, and Janos Pasztor

C2GDiscuss: Exploring the role of trees in large-scale carbon dioxide removal

with Li Fang, Martin Frick, Thelma Krug, Kelsey Perlman, Artur Runge-Metzger, and Janos Pasztor

C2GDiscuss: Governing Solar Radiation Modification Research: Insights from Marine Cloud Brightening and the Great Barrier Reef

with Kerryn Brent, Silvia Ribeiro, Phillip Williamson, and Paul Rouse

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