The Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) closed on 31 December 2023 and this website is no longer being updated. It was an impact initiative of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs operating between 2016 – 2023. For any enquiries you can send an email: [email protected]

C2G Publications

C2G authors, commissions, collaborates, and catalyzes high-quality content and publications to raise awareness, build understanding and stimulate discussion in support of its mission


C2GLearn is a series of online events, designed to catalyse learning about climate-altering approaches and their governance featuring leading international experts and practitioners


C2GTalk is a series of one on one interviews with influential practitioners and thought leaders

Carbon Dioxide Removal

Large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), aims to address the primary human source of climate change by removing carbon dioxide permanently from the atmosphere to be stored underground or under the ocean floor

Solar Radiation Modification

Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) would aim to address a symptom of climate change by reflecting more sunlight back into space, or by allowing more infrared radiation from Earth to escape, in order to reduce the Earth’s temperature


C2GTalk is a series of interviews with influential practitioners and thought leaders, to explore the governance challenges raised by climate-altering approaches. Watch the interviews.


C2GLearn provides the latest information and research about emerging climate-altering approaches and their governance, from varying perspectives. Watch on demand.


C2GDiscuss moderates in-depth conversations between diverse experts on some of the governance challenges facing decision-makers, now and in the future. Watch on demand.

Carbon Dioxide Removal

Is the world ready to govern large-scale carbon dioxide removal? Explore our briefs, blogs and infographics.

Solar Radiation Modification

How would the world govern techniques to reflect sunlight into space? Explore our briefs, blogs and infographics.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

How are climate-altering approaches addressed in IPCC reports? Learn more here.

Managing the Risk of Temperature Overshoot

How should the world respond to the risks of temperature overshoot? Explore the issues here.


What role could young people play in governing new climate technologies? Dig deeper.

Marine Environment

How would we govern climate-altering techniques in the marine environment? Find out more here.


Could climate-altering technologies be tested or used in the Arctic? Explore the issues here.

Nature-Based Approaches

What role could nature play in large-scale carbon dioxide removal? Learn more about the challenges.


What impact has C2G had on governance and learning of climate geoengineering from 2016 to 2023? Learn more

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