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An Introduction to the C2GTalk Podcast Series, with C2G Executive Director Janos Pasztor

Why does the world now need to consider solar radiation modification?

with Kim Stanley Robinson

Why is it important to uphold ethics in the research on solar radiation modification?

with Gabriela Ramos

How could the world govern new approaches to tackle climate change?

with Andy Reisinger

Should Global South scientists engage in solar radiation modification research?

with Inés Camilloni

How can young people take part in Solar Radiation Modification governance?

with Clara Botto

How can young people in the Global South engage in the governance of solar radiation modification?

with Nii Noi Omaboe

How can Global South civil society be engaged in deliberations about Solar Radiation Modification?

with Shuchi Talati

What can small islands bring to tackling the climate crisis?

with Ronald (Ronny) Jumeau

How can solar radiation modification governance account for different political and ethical perspectives?

with Maarten Van Aalst

How can the world put justice at the heart of governing climate-altering technologies?

with Kumi Naidoo

Should the Caribbean region be involved in solar radiation modification research?

with Michael Taylor

How should policymakers address the risk of climate tipping points?

with Jo Tyndall

How can companies ensure carbon dioxide removal has a positive impact?

with Amy Luers

How will global warming impact society, both economically and socially?

with Paulo Artaxo

Why did the Saami Council oppose Harvard’s SCoPEx experiment?

with Åsa Larsson Blind

What are the challenges facing international governance of solar radiation modification?

with Marcos Regis da Silva

Why is broad-based governance needed for new climate technologies?

with Per Heggenes

What role might carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation modification play in IPCC pathways to achieve the Paris Agreement?

with Roberto Schaeffer

How can countries work together to tackle climate change?

with Sunita Narain

How is the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia supporting Arab states in the green transition?

with Rola Dashti

Should the world consider solar radiation modification, in light of the latest IPCC findings?

with Thelma Krug

How has the governance of solar radiation modification progressed in recent years?

with Oliver Morton

How does society view solar radiation modification experiments?

with Sheila Jasanoff

C2GTalk: Should scientists be allowed to do outdoor research on solar radiation modification?

with Ken Caldeira

C2GTalk: How can fiction help people think about solar radiation modification?

with Eliot Peper

C2GTalk: How the UN Economic Commission for Africa is using its climate goals to fuel prosperity and sustainable development for the continent

with Vera Songwe

C2GTalk: How can the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean help create governance for climate-altering approaches?

with Alicia Bárcena

C2GTalk: How can the idea of a planetary emergency help the world emerge from crisis?

with Sandrine Dixson-Declève

C2GTalk: How might solar radiation modification be put on the international governance agenda?

with Marc Vanheukelen 

C2GTalk: How do we include sustainable development when considering climate-altering approaches? 

with Youba Sokona

C2GTalk: How might ‘ecological civilisation’ consider emerging approaches to alter the climate?

with PAN Jiahua

C2GTalk: How is the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) working with countriesto attain Carbon Neutrality in the ECE Region?

with Olga Algayerova

C2GTalk: How can the most vulnerable have a say in governing climate-altering approaches?

with Saleemul Huq

C2GTalk: What role can nature-based approaches play in addressing the climate crisis?

with Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

C2GTalk: How can multilateral processes shape the governance of climate-altering approaches?

with Ambassador Franz Perrez

C2GTalk: How can young people get involved in governing climate-altering approaches?

with Marie-Claire Graf

C2GTalk: Is the multilateral system equipped to govern climate-altering approaches?

with Paul Watkinson

C2GTalk: Are we going to be at the table when climate-altering approaches are considered?

with Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson

C2GTalk: Is it time to consider additional climate-altering approaches to tackle the planetary emergency?

with Johan Rockström

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