Carbon Dioxide Removal

Large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), also known as negative emissions, or carbon drawdown, aims to address the primary human source of climate change by removing carbon dioxide permanently from the atmosphere to be stored underground or under the ocean floor. If deployed at a planetary scale, CDR could help prevent ocean acidification and slow the rate of global warming. CDR is not a substitute for rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is essential under any scenario.




How should policy makers address the risk of climate tipping points?
How should policy makers address the risk of climate tipping points?

中文 | Español | FrançaisC2GTalk: An interview with Jo Tyndall, Director Environment Directorate at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)  How should policymakers address the risk of climate tipping points? 27 March 2023What is a climate...


In the interest of promoting global discussion about the need for governance of large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal, C2G developed a set of icons representing these approaches, available to all to use freely.

The icons are available in png and svg file formats.

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