Options for supporting
Carbon Dioxide Removal

The IPCC says limiting global warming to 1.5°C with no temperature overshoot will require large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). While emission reductions remain the first priority, simultaneously developing CDR options will be necessary to ensure they are available at the scale required to achieve global net-negative CO2 emissions in the second half of the century.

But how might this be achieved in practice?

The NewClimate Institute, with support from C2G, explores some of the options and challenges in the discussion paper “Options for supporting Carbon Dioxide Removal“.

Key issues include:

  • The IPCC says large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) is needed to achieve climate goals. Governments and non-state actors need to work out how to scale up CDR approaches, without undermining emissions reductions.
  • What policy and market mechanisms already exist that could support large-scale CDR?
  • What can be learned from experiences with policy and market mechanisms used for emissions reductions, and what approaches could be considered to achieve net zero, and eventually net negative?
  • Emissions reduction targets should be kept separate from CDR targets, in order to avoid emissions reduction being undermined.
  • Upscaling CDR will need stable, predictable, and secure financial and policy support over the next decades. That support should be targeted and tailored to the needs of specific CDR approaches, and develop with time as more lessons are learned.

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