Nature-based carbon dioxide removal opportunities in Africa

The Climate Action Platform – Africa (CAP-A) and its partners EarthGenome and Dalberg, with guidance and support from UNECA and catalytic seed funding from the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G), have developed an interactive tool to identify nature-based carbon dioxide removal opportunities in Africa.

This tool has been designed to allow African policy makers to explore the continent’s nature-based mitigation potential – for the continent as a whole, by subregion, by country or even at subnational level and allows the user to identify potential opportunities for carbon removal, revenue, or livelihood and job opportunities.

Please note that this tool will continue to be developed to include a greater range of levers and opportunities, enhance ways to engage with granular geospatial data and expand the number of countries for which subnational data is available. It will also eventually include technological carbon dioxide removal approaches 

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