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By Anita NzehC2G Knowledge Management Officer 

Since 2016 C2G has sought to catalyse the creation of effective governance for emerging climate-altering approaches, and in particular for solar radiation modification (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR)  

One key governance challenge is lack of knowledge about the techniqueshow ready they are for deployment, and their potential impacts.  

In response, C2G has developed knowledge resources that provide high-qualityimpartial, and independently peerreviewed evidence and policy insights about these approaches and their governance.  

These approaches pose a variety of governance challenges that cut across all sectors of society. To that end, our knowledge products are aimed at supporting a range of stakeholders, including policy makers and their advisors in governments, international institutions, and civil society organisations.  

We also take into consideration that people start from quite different levels of understanding about this subject matter and will have different interests and expertise.  

Some of our products provide overarching introductory information about a topic, whilst others dig deeper into specific aspects(For example, some products are targeted to communities interested in emerging marine techniquesthe Arctic region, or the Sustainable Development Goals.) 

We have organised some of these into an introductory guide, and have recently updated our glossary, to help readers navigate some of the wide range of terminology used in this field. We have also developed dedicated web pages with translations of resources in FrenchSpanish, and Chinese. 


Key Resources
Policy Briefs: For a concise summary of the key issues, our Policy Briefs cover a range of SRM and CDR topics including Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and its Governance, Governing Nature-Based Solutions to Carbon Dioxide Removal and, regional focused pieces, such as Climate-Altering Approaches and the Arctic.  

Evidence Briefs: provide a deeper dive and expand on the work of the Policy Briefs, by providing independently peer reviewed summaries of the latest evidence about the approaches and the associated governance challenges.  

Technical Briefs: contain specific information to help certain communities take action. Considering climate-altering technologies in the IPCC AR6, for example, highlighted opportunities to contribute to the IPCC’s AR6 reportand provided briefing on the knowledge of these technologieslikely to emerge in international policy discussions following the report’s release in 202122.  

Infographics: work in tandem with our textbased knowledge products, and can be a useful primer to visually engage new audiences. Examples includeGoverning Solar Radiation Modification, What do young people think about emerging technologies to tackle climate change?, and Governing Large-Scale Carbon Dioxide Removal: Are we ready? 

Reports: We have also collaborated with a number of external partners to produce reports that explore particular policy challenges. For example, we worked with Climate Analytics to produce Governing large-scale carbon dioxide removal: are we ready?, a deep look at what governance exists for CDR, and with Climate Strategies and Perspectives Climate Research to produce Carbon Removal and Solar Geoengineering: Potential implications for delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Blogs: offer a platform for C2G colleagues as well as guest authors from around the world to share insights about the challenges they are working on. 

Audio-visual content: The pandemic meant a lot of events that would have taken place in person had to go online. To that end, we have developed a catalogue of audio visual online content, which has been popular with a number of audiences 

Stay informed! 
We have a lot more great content on the way, and would love you to be a part of it. 

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I hope this blog has been a helpful guide through C2G’s library of resources, but if you cannot find what you need then please contact us on [email protected]. 


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