C2G Launches ‘Newcomers’ Guide

21 April 2020 – Coming to grips with new climate-altering technologies is challenging even for experts and can be overwhelming for newcomers.

That is why we at the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) have added a simple, easy to use newcomers’ guide to our website to help people understand what these technologies are and what their potential testing and use might entail. What are their risks and potential benefits? And, importantly, how should they be governed?

The guide explains why governing emerging climate technologies is so important, and offers several levels of detail on the two main approaches being considered: Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and Solar Radiation Modification (SRM).

It also leads those more curious to a range of further resources, including reports, blogs, videos, infographics, and policy and evidence briefs.

The newcomers’ guide is a work in progress. Over the coming months we will be creating much more content and welcome your feedback – including suggestions for any new products to support society-wide debates about governing these technologies.

Please feel free to get in touch through our Contact page.

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