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C2G2 Mission

C2G2 seeks to catalyze the creation of effective governance for Solar Radiation Modification and large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal, collectively also referred to as Geoengineering.

To achieve this, it aims to expand the conversation from the scientific and research community to the global policy-making arena, and to encourage a society-wide discussion about the risks, potential benefits, ethical and governance challenges raised by these approaches.

C2G2 is impartial: it is not for or against the research, testing or potential use of Solar Radiation Modification and large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal approaches. These are choices for society to make. C2G2 does believe, however, that urgent action is needed at all levels to reduce emissions and adapt to climate impacts, and that an honest and open conversation is needed around all potential measures to manage the increasing risks of climate change.


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C2G2 (Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative) is an initiative of Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

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