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Between 2022 and 2023, C2G’s Youth Voices in Emerging Climate Governance project is supporting a diverse international cohort of six young people aged between 19-24 through guided learning and engagement with leading international experts to help develop their understanding of the latest science, governance and diverse perspectives relating to Solar Radiation Modification and its governance. Following this initial period of learning, the project will then support these six Youth Climate Voices to develop and deliver resources and activities to catalyse similar learning amongst their peers and help strengthen the representation of youth perspectives in future global discussions.
Clara Botto / Brazil

Clara Botto currently serves as the Liaison Officer on Environmental Governance at Youth Environment Europe (YEE) – a bottom-up network of youth and youth organisations in the European Region. She has experience in on-ground work, including in countries of the global south, together with understanding and advocacy on environmental policy at the UN. She has been engaged in Brazil and globally for the past 6 years, having been the creative director of the artivist movement LivMundi Brota and directed documentaries about migration, education and the climate crisis. 

Clara has served in UNEP’s Steering Committee of the Children and Youth Major Group as regional facilitator for the European region, is part of UNECE’s Education for Sustainable Development youth platform, and has contributed in representing young people in conferences such as the UN Youth Assembly, Global Development Leadership Seminars (IMF, World Bank), Gaia Education, Climate Reality Project, the Economy of Francesco, International Seminar on Internet Governance (JEF Europe), World Forum for Democracy (Council of Europe), Stockholm+50, Aarhus Convention, UN Ocean Conference, Conference on the Future of Europe and Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Creative Economy and Marketing, where she conducted research on sustainable fashion and the universities’ lack of preparation to equip youth for sustainable development, and has recently finished a Master’s in International Development and Public Policy, having written a thesis about deep-sea mining as a case study to prepare future policymakers.  

Clara Botto Activities
Ghislain Irakoze / Rwanda
Ghislain Irakoze is a sustainability entrepreneur, activist, and researcher. He founded Wastezon, a cleantech company that provides Machine Learning-powered materials traceability services with an aim of innovating for materials circularity. As a Research Fellow at Sustainable Partners Inc,  Ghislain has co-developed a computational model that visualizes climate justice from a waste management perspective. He worked with the EU Commission on Africa-EU Circular Economy Cooperation and he has assisted the African Development Bank in developing a green growth investment program in Rwanda. Ghislain is a former researcher at Mastercard Foundation’s Youth Think Tank, He is a current climate fellow at Subak where he is creating predictive models for measuring e-mobility materials maintenance.  With his passion for climate action advocacy, Ghislain sits on Global Greengrants Fund’s Next Gen Climate Board and EU Commission-International Partnerships’s Youth Sounding Board. He holds a BA in International Business and Trade from the African Leadership University. For his climate and sustainability impact, Ghislain has received recognitions and awards such as the Green Biz 30 Under 30 Honoree and UNEP’s Young Champion of the Earth Prize-Finalist.  
Loann Marquant / France
Loann started addressing environmental issues from a scientific perspective through chemistry research projects on water pollution and plastic degradability during his engineering undergraduate studies in France. He then strived to work at the interface of science and policy during several study projects in collaboration with local governments on sustainability. He led a group of engineering students to develop an interactive map of food support locations in the Metropolis of Lyon to help improve food sustainability and target food deserts. 

As the president of the geopolitics student association of his engineering school, he endeavored to raise awareness among students on the role of science in diplomacy and global environmental policies. Together with members of the geopolitics club, he organized conferences and debates to foster discussions and confront ideas between international students. He also managed the organization of a three-day Model United Nations where students from diverse backgrounds had the chance to examine environmental, economic and security issues related to the Pacific Ocean. 

He was further able to participate in international discussions on sustainable development during a traineeship at the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in New York. This experience allowed him to learn more about diplomatic dynamics surrounding sustainable development and to support European Member States delegations during negotiations on issues ranging from the protection of life on land to financing for development. After his traineeship, Loann was promoted to a Policy Adviser position, still working on sustainable development.   

Loann has earned a BSc in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and a degree in Economics from Université Lyon 2. He is currently taking a gap year during his graduate studies to gain professional experience and a broader understanding of international relations and environmental governance at the EU Delegation to the UN and as a Youth Climate Voice at C2G. 

Sarah Kwerit / Uganda
Kwerit Sarah Chebijira is a distinguished leader in environmental sustainability, serving as the founder and team lead of Climate Change Action Africa. She has established proactive climate action clubs in multiple secondary schools in Uganda and is committed to engaging the youth in promoting sustainable development across Africa.  

As the founder of Clean Cities Uganda, Kwerit is leveraging her expertise to develop an innovative waste disposal application to address poor waste management in major Ugandan cities. She is also the President of the African Views Students Chapter Uganda and a UN Youth Fellow, dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for policies that benefit young people in her community. 

Through her involvement in the Youth Climate Voices Project, Kwerit is building capacity on solar radiation modification, further expanding her knowledge and expertise in this field. 

Sarah Kwerit Activities
Aasima Kamal Mowni / Bangladesh
Aasima Kamal Mowni is a passionate climate change advocate currently pursuing her Master’s degree in climate change and development at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). She has been awarded the COLOCAL scholarship for the program, supporting her research in community-based adaptation in the coastal regions of Bangladesh. As an active member of the Youth Climate Voices for Emerging Climate Governance project hosted by the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G), Aasima is dedicated to contributing to effective governance discussions around Solar Radiation Modification. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from IUB’s Department of Environmental Science and Management in September 2022, she brings a strong academic foundation to her work. With previous research experience at the International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b), Aasima has developed a deep understanding of the complex relationship between climate change and public health. Combining her academic expertise with over three years of teaching experience in extracurricular activities at Playpen School, she is committed to addressing climate change challenges through creative and innovative approaches.
Aasima Kamal Mowni Activities
Ishita Yadav / India
Ishita Yadav is a deeply passionate youth advocate for climate equity and a social-justice activist.  She serves as South Asia’s Regional Focal Point at the SDG7 Youth Constituency under United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and facilitates YOUNGO’s (youth constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Cities Working Group. At the SDG7 Youth Constituency,  Ishita coordinates at the Youth Sustainable Energy Hub. As a former One Earth Fellow, Ishita has written numerous award-winning pieces on climate solutions journalism on climate mitigation efforts led by grassroot communities. Ishita has been involved in the climate governance sphere for several years and specializes in renewable energy, geoengineering and sustainable intergenerational policymaking. 
Ishita Yadav Activities

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