Who’s deciding your climate future?

New climate-altering technologies are on the horizon. How does society decide which, if any, to deploy? The rules aren’t written yet; what role can young people play in creating them?

C2G's Youth Climate Voices

Youth Briefing Notes

C2G’s Youth briefing notes provide quarterly updates on developments relating to the governance of climate-altering approaches and in particular resources, events and activities that may be of interest to younger people.

Youth Climate Voices Activities

C2G’s Youth Voices for Emerging Climate Governance project has provided six ‘Youth Climate Voices’ with access to evidence-based learning on the science, governance, and diverse stakeholder perspectives as they relate to the governance of solar radiation modification. C2G does not necessarily endorse the opinions stated by the Youth Climate Voices, the views are their own. We do, however, encourage a constructive conversation involving multiple viewpoints and voices.


How can young people take part in SRM governance?

How can young people take part in SRM governance?

中文 | Español | FrançaisC2GTalk: An interview with Clara Botto, Co-Founder of Solar Radiation Modification Youth Watch How can young people take part in Solar Radiation Modification governance? 9 October 2023How can young people influence United Nations climate...


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