Welcome to C2G2’s new website

Mark Turnerby Mark Turner, Communications Director / 1 October 2017

We’re delighted you’ve found your way to our new website. Welcome, and hopefully this is the first of many visits!

As we begin this new stage in our communications, we wanted to say a few words about the philosophy of the site, what you can find here, how you can contribute, and where we might be heading in the future.

First things first: this is not, and does not aspire to be, the ultimate authority on geoengineering or its governance. We want to help start a conversation, and we invite you to take everything here in that spirit.

Geoengineering—and, our particular interest, how to govern it—is a highly contentious topic, and is evolving rapidly. This means that information can quickly become outdated or nuanced, ideas can shift, approaches change. To that extent, if you discover something that looks wrong, out of touch, or needs tweaking, please feel free to drop us a note, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

At the same time, we can’t be all things to all people. We aim for as broad an audience as possible, ranging from geoengineering’s greatest advocates to its harshest critics; people from all backgrounds, from experts to newcomers. That presents a significant communications challenge.

While we will do our best to reflect a multiplicity of views, consensus will be difficult to achieve. Hopefully we can coalesce around the one issue everyone agrees on: if ever geoengineering technologies are to be applied, they will need to be governed.

We will also take an evidence-based approach to content. We fully accept there will be significant debate and disagreement over various issues, but our work is grounded in a rigorous and deliberate examination of the best data and information available. We seek balance, but not at the cost of accuracy. We do not give equal weight to all opinions.

The site layout should be fairly intuitive. About C2G2 gives an overview of who we are, and what we are aiming for. Governing Geoengineering is designed as a basic introduction to the topic, particularly for those new to the debate.

Resources and Video is designed to be a repository of more in-depth information; over time we aim to populate it with papers, infographics, and other materials which professionals can use in their own work and presentations. Please feel free to share and suggest useful content, which we will consider for wider dissemination.

Finally, News and Events will contain our blog—in which we and invited guests hope to stimulate discussion on live topics—as well as advisories, recent news articles we found interesting, and upcoming events important to the governance of geoengineering —both our own, and those in the wider community.

We see this as a living site, which can and will change significantly over time. We look forward to collaborating with you further!

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