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Solar Radiation Modification

Solar Radiation Modification (SRM), also known as Solar Radiation Management, Radiation Modification Measures or Solar Geoengineering, would aim to address a symptom of climate change by reflecting more sunlight back into space, or by allowing more infrared radiation from Earth to escape, in order to reduce the Earth’s temperature. It includes numerous proposed methods which differ significantly. None are ready for deployment. Solar Radiation Modification could not be a substitute for reducing emissions, or removing atmospheric CO2.



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Difficult decisions – MIT podcast
Difficult decisions – MIT podcast

Janos Pasztor and Laur Hesse Fisher from MIT's TILClimate podcast discuss the difficult decisions facing society on carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation modification.

Rethinking the Governance of Solar Geoengineering
Rethinking the Governance of Solar Geoengineering

C2G2 and Chatham House co-hosted an event on 21 February on "Rethinking the Governance of Solar Geoengineering", featuring: Ana Maria Kleymeyer, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development GoalsProfessor Douglas MacMartin, Cornell UniversityJanos Pasztor,...

Faith Communities and Climate Engineering
Faith Communities and Climate Engineering

Cynthia Scharf speaks about the role that faith communities can play in education and advocacy about geoengineering governance. This video was originally produced for GreenFaith’s COP24 event entitled "Playing God? Multi-Faith Responses to the...

To Geoengineer Or Not To Geoengineer…
To Geoengineer Or Not To Geoengineer…

Created by the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre in collaboration with C2G, this animation focuses on the big questions around stratospheric aerosol injection, referencing global cultural icons.


In the interest of promoting global discussion about the need for governance of Solar Radiation Modification, C2G developed a set of icons representing these approaches, available to all to use freely.

The icons are available in png and svg file formats.

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