Who’s deciding your climate future?

New climate-altering technologies are on the horizon. How does society decide which, if any, to deploy? The rules aren’t written yet; what role can young people play in creating them? Why does it matter if we get involved or not? Experience how it feels to make difficult choices around emerging climate technologies with C2G, Climate Interactive and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, in two interactive game events for young climate leaders. In support of the UN Youth Climate Summit.

22 September 2019 / @ Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs 170 E 64th St New York NY 10065, USA

Altering the Climate: Youth and the Tough Decisions Ahead

Some scientists suggest we could spray the stratosphere to help lower global temperatures. Critics say that’s a crazy idea, and much too dangerous to contemplate. Who decides, and how? How would we govern these technologies? What role should young people play in these decisions, now, and over the decades?

Join C2G, with Pablo Suarez and Roop Singh from the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, in support of the UN Youth Climate Summit, for a thought-provoking game exploring some of the knottiest questions in climate – where nothing is certain, and time is counting down.

ClimateVision: A Model-UN Style Role-play Game on Reducing and Removing Carbon

Reducing emissions is hard enough, but to reach net zero emissions and beyond the IPCC says we also need to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 already in the air. How would we do that? What strategy would you choose to bring down temperatures, in ways that are safe and fair? One thing’s for sure: no one approach is enough, and all could have unexpected consequences…

Join C2G and Drew Jones from Climate Interactive, in support of the UN Youth Climate Summit, to play a thought-provoking “Model-UN-like” negotiating game with the latest En-roads Climate Solutions Simulation – a powerful new interactive exploration of the combined effects of different policies and technologies on the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and on global temperatures.

Play the role of an oil company executive, a tropical landowner, a global climate activist or others. What’s feasible? What could have an impact on global warming? How would these interventions be properly governed? Prepare to be surprised.


Gaming carbon dioxide removal with young climate leaders
15 Oct 2019
By Bindu Bhandari and Viktor Jósa

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