C2G2 welcomes three new team members

14 May, 2019 

C2G2 is delighted to announce the arrival of three new team members, to help us catalyze growing interest in learning, awareness raising, exchange and discussion about the governance of emerging climate responses.


Celine Novenario (Philippines), Communications Officer, has over 10 years of experience working in communications at the United Nations and World Meteorological Organization, where she focused specifically on climate and water issues. Celine started her career as a journalist in the Philippines, where she was born and raised.

Celine says: “As a woman from a developing country that is already suffering from the effects of climate change, and that could be on losing end if climate geoengineering technologies are deployed without internationally agreed governance in place, C2G2’s focus on catalyzing a diverse, inclusive and society-wide conversation on this critical topic resonates with me.”


Anita Nzeh (Ghana), Knowledge Management Officer, is a social scientist with over 14 years of experience in international development, in both the private and public sector. She previously worked as a Senior Programme Officer for the Commonwealth Foundation, and spent six years spearheading sustainability communications in Africa through iEcoAfrica, an organisation she founded.

Anita says: “The need for global action on climate change is at an apex. By joining the C2G2 Initiative, I consider myself part of the last generation that can take steps to support humanity to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.”



Paul Rouse (UK), Science Adviser, has spent over 20 years designing and delivering interdisciplinary research programmes within UK research councils, including thinking on geoengineering research and engagement activity with the SPICE initiative. Most recently, he has been working with the UK Research & Innovation, taking a particular interest in enhancing ethical thinking and responsible innovation approaches within engineering.

Paul says: “I was drawn to C2G2’s absolute commitment to independence and impartiality, and for clearly stating it is neither for nor against interventions.”



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