C2G2 welcomes new team members

6 November, 2018

C2G2 is delighted to announce the arrival of five new team members over recent months, to help us with our expanding work.

Ambassador Peter Moesgaard Sørensen (Denmark), Senior Advisor for Resource Development, comes to C2G2 after more than 20 years in international affairs, including most recently as European Union Ambassador to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva.

Peter says: “As an internationalist at heart, getting this issue to the level of governments in the current international environment is an exciting challenge.”




Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson (USA), Senior Outreach Manager, was a co-founder of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, a researcher at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and a policy advisor with the Natural Resources Defense Council and The Energy and Resources Institute in Delhi, India.





Natalia Rubiano (Ecuador), Government and Intergovernmental Organizations Outreach Officer, has over five years of experience working on sustainability issues. Before joining C2G2, she worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country Office in Ecuador supporting the implementation of a broad portfolio of National and Regional projects in Environment and Energy.

Natalia says: “C2G2’s work provides an opportunity to explore new trajectories in the governance debate, and perhaps do things differently this time: exploring different power dynamics and engaging actors that have usually been left out of the discussion from early on.”



Qi Zheng (China), Government and Intergovernmental Organizations Outreach Officer, has over 8 years of experience working on climate change and development, and previously worked as programme manager for UK Committee on Climate Change on a UK-China cooperation on climate risks.

Qi says: “What interests me is that this is a cutting-edge and important issue, which is evolving quickly, and involves such a range of stakeholders.”




Nigel DeCoopman (USA), Programme Assistant, started his career in foreign affairs as an intern at the Council on Foreign Relations, and acts as an intermediary between Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and C2G2.

Nigel says: “The work of C2G2 interests me because it exists at the convergence of diplomacy, governance, natural science, environmentalism, and emerging technology.”




More details can be found on our team page here.

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