C2G2 welcomes new Advisory Group member Professor Ambuj Sagar (India)

25 October, 2018

C2G2 is delighted to welcome Professor Ambuj Sagar to its Advisory Group.  

Professor Sagar is the founding Head of the School of Public Policy at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India, and brings extensive experience of advising governments and multilateral agencies on technology and policy. 

An engineer by training, his interests lie at the intersection of technology and development, in particular relating to sustainable development and climate change.  

On joining the Advisory Group, Prof. Sagar said: “While technologies are a powerful vehicle for addressing societal challenges, their deployment also can come with significant, often unanticipated, environmental, health, social, and other risks.”

There also is a possibility of a moral hazard where the existence of a technological ‘solution’ may then reduce or preclude efforts to reduce the underlying risk (or disregard many of the equity consequences of the technology’s deployment).  Therefore, an effort to start a deep ex-ante engagement with such issues in the context of geoengineering, which in many ways epitomizes many of these concerns, is timely and much needed.” 

C2G2’s Advisory Group brings together leading international experts covering a wide range of sectors and countries, selected for their deep insight into issues relevant to the initiative’s mission. It provides important independent strategic guidance and support, and helps to ensure the initiative’s work is well informed, effective, and high impact.

Its next meeting will take place shortly in New York, on October 28, where members will:

  • consider the implications of the recent IPCC SR1.5 report for C2G2’s work;
  • reflect on progress in C2G2’s first two years of operation;
  • consider new opportunities, challenges and activities for C2G2’s work in the year ahead.


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